We love, love, love making memory films.

Cinema Petit was conceived to create a truly fantastic - yet affordable - short film starring your loveliest moments to share, relive, and love over and over again. Why should your memories be hibernating on your phone or sitting up on a cloud somewhere? We simply adore old 8mm films, and are passionate about reviving the home movie sharing tradition by creating beautifully edited little movies that feel like a nostalgic, dreamy capture of the moment. 


If you have a smartphone, together we can create something marvelous.

Over the past few years, the quality of smartphone camera technology has advanced to seriously impressive levels (entire films are now being shot on the iPhone!). The video looks great and the range of nifty apps that kick things up a notch are just terrific. And the best part? Your smartphone is always with you to capture those moments in a flash, just as easily as you would swiftly snap a photo. Through our helpful Cinema Petit Tipsheets - specifically tailored for each type of occasion - we enable you to grab the most perfect video snippets possible that we then professionally edit into a lovely polished portrait.


How long are Cinema Petit films?

Cinema Petit films are designed with palm-sized viewing in mind, and typically run between one and a half  to three minutes in length.  The precise length of video is determined by the amount of video footage sent from you. Our INSTA EDITS, which are mini films that clock in at less than a minute, are beloved for social media sharing.  We also produce longer videos upon request, up to 8 minutes in length - feel free to drop us a line to see samples of our longer films!


What is a Cinema Petit Tipsheet?

Our Tipsheets are what makes the magic happen. We send over a highly personalized and easy-to-follow guide custom tailored for your life event that enables you to shoot video like a pro (with your smartphone, naturally!). Our Tipsheets include shot lists specifically tailored for your occasion - from bridal showers to honeymoons to family vacations to baby's first birthday celebration. By providing you with all of the info ahead of time (along with some stellar pro video shooting tips!), we enable you to capture the most meaningful moments in the most beautiful way that we then craft into a powerful cinematic portrait. 


What is the cost?

We set out to create a truly affordable way to make a digital video heirloom from your memories, and have priced our edits with this mission in mind. Since the precise rate for each Cinema Petit video is determined by the amount and length of your submitted video clips, you will receive a more detailed quote once you get in touch and we learn more from you about the quantity of clips and type of film you are interested in.

Cinema Petit films begin at $350, Insta Edits at $200.








The Cinema Petit Process


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